Wednesday, March 08, 2006

bag slide

this is the new slide


Anonymous said...

It's amazing!You sew all these bags?So many ideas!How's your photoshop lessons? Greatings from Belinha, Portugal is a site where I drop some of my drawings and stuff!

MyButtonBag said...

Today is the last photoshop class. I will miss going. Your pictures are great Belinha! I looks like you made them in photoshop, yes?

Anonymous said...

Hello!!You saw my Fotolog!!Yes,so far I'm drawing only in Photoshop...but I still don't no much on how too use it!! It takes me a long time to draw each little doll!I'm tying to learn Corel by myself also!But it's not easy at all!But it's very exciting!So I keep trying!Have a nice weekend!

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